Meet Matilde
Matilde stands for celebrating life every day, and enjoying all the beautiful things that nature offers us.
She represents the summer, that wonderful time of the year when the grapes ripen. In that season we harvest the grapes to be turned into a delicate sparkling wine called Prosecco.

Matilde is an Organic Prosecco Superiore DOCG, produced from 100% hand-picked Glera grapes in the hills lying at the foot of the Alps, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Every step of its production is taken with great care for its generous environment, to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy these wonderful tastes and sceneries.
Top of the class

Matilde comes from the traditional, historic region of Prosecco,
protected by the DOCG designation.

the DOCG area is a beautiful hilly landscape, and each individual vineyard enjoys a different exposure to natural elements such as sunlight, winds and rain, making each one unique.

In order to preserve our precious terroir, strict rules are enforced regarding output limits, harvesting methods, and treatments.
We are three brothers, Giacomo, Leopoldo and Francesco Profili. We grew up far away from Italy, but were fortunate enough to have grandparents living in the Prosecco region, who taught us from a young age to appreciate its many delicacies.

We always felt close to this region, and the call could not be ignored for long. Thanks to our father, who has been growing Prosecco grapes for 15 years, the step to producing our own Prosecco was an idea within our reach.

So we decided to plant our own vineyard, that would be tended to following organic and agroecological principles, and would one day give birth to a top-of-the-class Prosecco Superiore.

Our vision
Matilde wants you to live great moments with your friends and family, while keeping in mind that we owe it all to our generous and complex planet Earth.
Contact us
Giacomo +32 472 07 85 54
Leopoldo +32 483 30 11 07
Francesco +39 339 829 7769
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